Oct-08-2019 - New Search Deployed

We deployed our new search, with more accurate and relevant search results on both our website and for API customers.  We would love to get your feedback.

Aug-12-2019 - ISBNdb reaches 22 million books

Our crawlers added over 1 million new ISBNs in the last 3 months, and our database is now over 22 million unique books and growing daily.  The pace of crawlers has slowed somewhat from the prior million titles, as we are capturing more detailed data for each book.

Jul-25-2019 - Beta Search Deployed

Try our new beta search results when searching for a book.  We improved our algorithm to make results more accurate, as well as giving you the ability to filter title and author results.  If you prefer the new beta search, you can set it as your default search on the search results page.

Jun-14-2019 - ISBNdb Launches Help Desk

ISBNdb users can now take advantage of our Help Desk, which allows users to search our forum, post questions to the forum, create and track tech support tickets, and search help topics in order to find answers and get solutions to common tech support questions.

The help desk can be found on the user dash.  

May-07-2019 - ISBNdb reaches 21 million Titles

Our improved crawlers added over 1 million new ISBNs in the last 2 months, and our database is now over 21 million unique books and growing daily.

May-07-2019 - API Key and Account Issues Fixed

We fixed an issue with API key generation for new accounts, and some bugs related to canceling and switching account plans.

May-01-2019 - ISBNdb in the News
Apr-16-2019 - API 2.0 deployed, New Account Pricing Structures

The new ISBNdb API 2.0 has more features and functionality, including bulk data searches of up to 1,000 books per call, new filters and endpoints that allow for advanced searches on all of our indexes, and real time book prices.

We also updated and consolidated our pricing plans, giving users higher call limits and more functionality at each plan level as well as a free 7 day trial for any plan.

Mar-06-2019 - ISBNDB reaches 20 million titles!

We are excited to announce our database has reached over 20 million unique ISBNs and we continue to add thousand more daily.  

Feb-13-2019 - API and site speed optimized

We optimized the site and API so that searches and price comparisons are much faster with most responses below 3 seconds.