Project News

Nov-23-2020 - Higher API Request Limits for Premium and Pro Plans

We just deployed higher API request limits for Premium and Pro plans.   All Basic Plans will continue to have a 1 request per second limit, Premium Plans will have a 3 request per second limit, and Pro Plans will have a 5 request per second limit.  The existing daily call limits continue to apply to any 24 hour period.  For details on how to implement higher per second requests for Premium and Pro plans please see our API documentation.   Thank you for your continued support.

Aug-26-2020 - 25 Million ISBNs
ISBNdb is excited to reach a new milestone, with over 25,000,000 isbns now available in our database. Our updated crawlers continue to add data at a rapid clip, with the most recent 1 million ISBNs added in just over 2 months.
Jun-11-2020 - ISBNdb Increases to 24+ Million Books

The database continues to grow, increasing to over 24 million unique isbns and growing rapidly.   Our revamped crawlers are adding new isbns and adding new data points to existing books at a fast clip.

May-13-2020 - API 1.0 Discontinued

API 1.0 is no longer live, please ensure your code is formatted correctly according to the API 2.0 documentation available at  All existing API keys will work so there is no need to make any other changes.  If you were subscribed to an older plan, your billing rate will be grandfathered in unless you cancel or switch plans.

Apr-23-2020 - API 1.0 Will No Longer Be Supported

Effective April 23 2020, we will no longer offer support for API 1.0.  You can continue to use the old API if you have an old plan, but we won't be offering any updates or support so if there are any technical issues you should upgrade to API 2.0.  You can switch plans in your dashboard at any time. 

Mar-25-2020 - Crawler Updates Deployed

We updated our crawlers to gather more data faster, and expanded our data sources.   Not only will we add new books at a faster rate, but any missing data for existing books will be added to the database faster as well.  

Jan-07-2020 - ISBNdb reaches 23 million books

Our crawlers have been hard at work and we are now up to 23 million unique ISBNs in our database. 

Oct-08-2019 - New Search Deployed

We deployed our new search, with more accurate and relevant search results on both our website and for API customers.  We would love to get your feedback.

Aug-12-2019 - ISBNdb reaches 22 million books

Our crawlers added over 1 million new ISBNs in the last 3 months, and our database is now over 22 million unique books and growing daily.  The pace of crawlers has slowed somewhat from the prior million titles, as we are capturing more detailed data for each book.

Jul-25-2019 - Beta Search Deployed

Try our new beta search results when searching for a book.  We improved our algorithm to make results more accurate, as well as giving you the ability to filter title and author results.  If you prefer the new beta search, you can set it as your default search on the search results page.