Project News

Apr-18-2024 - ISBNdb Website Redesign

We are delighted to announce that our redesigned website has launched. If you have any feedback, share your thoughts in the contact form. Thank you!

Jan-26-2024 - Updated Physical Book Data

We enhanced our book information by providing separate data points for book dimensions and book weight. This allows you to get more comprehensive and detailed information about the physical attributes of books in our database.

Dec-21-2023 - Extensive Book Data Update

We are pleased to inform you that we have conducted a comprehensive book data update, resulting in the actualization of data for approximately 50% of our database.

Oct-13-2023 - ISBNdb Shopify App Launched

We are happy to announce the launch of our Shopify app, ISBNdb Book Data Importer, which aims to make adding new book products to your Shopify bookstore a breeze.

Sep-14-2023 - High-Quality Cover Images

We have replaced the existing cover images with higher-resolution versions, ensuring an enhanced visual experience.

Aug-04-2023 - Improved Book Search

We have refined our search algorithm to provide you with more relevant results on text queries.

May-22-2023 - 35 million ISBNs collected

Our hard-working crawlers have added one more million ISBNs to the ISBNdb database. Check our subscription options; each one comes with a free trial.

May-03-2023 - ISBNdb Blog Launched

We are excited to announce the launch of our blog. On the ISBNdb Blog, you can find a monthly digest of book publishing news, insightful posts on book data, book apps, and more.

Feb-03-2023 - ISBNdb reaches 33 million ISBNs

Our database has grown with another 2 million ISBNs, and we now offer over 33 million unique ISBNs. Sign up for a free trial to test our API and get full access to the website.

May-25-2022 - 31 Million ISBNs

We now have over 31 million unique ISBNs in the database, including over 27 million cover images and up to 19 data points per book. Our crawlers continue to add books at a rapid clip, with thousands of new ISBNs and new data points for existing ISBNs added daily.