ISBNdb is a unique book database with over 20 millions titles that complies various data points for each book and makes that data available to users on ISBNdb and to other websites and apps via our API. You can search by ISBN, title, author, publisher, date, and more.
The database is constantly growing, and is currently close to 20 million titles and counting. Our live database statistics on our homepage display the exact number of books available. The database is continually updated, with more books and more data points for existing books continually being added.

Each book includes Title, ISBN and ISBN13, Publisher, Author, Edition, Subject, Overview, Dimensions, dewey decimal, publication date, format, price and historical pricing (when available)

Our database is constantly being expanded as it crawls libraries, publishers, and other websites to include as many books as possible.
Becoming a member of ISBNdb.com will allow you to use our API on your website to parse book information in real time. You can access all of the ISBNdb data on a real time basis, and you will only be charged based on the number of API calls you make. ISBNdb can work as your primary or backup database for your website or app, and is much more cost effective than convential book databases.
We don’t currently offer this feature, but we are working on adding this functionality in the near future.
At this moment, this feature is not available on the site. However, we will be experimenting with user-based manual input of titles onto the database soon. This will allow visitors to request a title to be displayed on ISBNdb.com, and if it passes review, will come up in our search results.
Please send information about any found errors in our data to support@isbndb.com. If you don’t see the answer to your question here, please contact us.
Desk Copies are available directly from publishers. ISBNdb.com is not a publishing company so we are unable to provide desk copies to faculty or staff; however you may search ISBNdb for your book to determine who the publisher is and then contact them directly.
ISBNdb.com provides data on books, including author’s name and publication date, however we are unable to provide contact information for authors. Each author is different; some make it easy to contact them while others prefer their privacy. Your best bet is to search ISBNdb for your book to discover your author’s name and publisher; then search the publisher or author’s website for their contact information. You may also try to follow or contact the author on social media.
Our database is continually updated by gathering data from a variety of sources across the Internet. If you have recently published a book, or a book that you know about is not listed, it hasn’t been made available through any of our data sources. If you wish your book to be added, please send us the ISBN through the contact us link.
Non-profit organizations can get discounted access to the database by providing proof of 501(c)(3) status from the IRS.
No, calls do not get rolled over. If you use 10 calls of the 100 call daily limit, you will still only have 100 calls the next day.
You can mail a check paying month-by-month or in advance for three, six, or even one year of service. Please mail checks to:
Price Network Inc. 
PO Box 25 
Cardiff, CA 92024
SBNdb employs a REST API, which means that it is not specifically tied to any language or platform. You can have REST clients for pretty much every language or platform out there.

Click here for more information on how restful APIs work

Most issues with the API can be solved by looking at our documentation found here.

While we attempt to help all of our users find their way around our API and resolve any bugs they might be encountering, our support access is limited to a certain number of users per day. Unless the API is simply not working for you (and you are using a supported platform) we can try to figure out what is happening.