Mar-06-2019 - ISBNDB reaches 20 million titles!

We are excited to announce our database has reached over 20 million unique ISBNs and we continue to add thousand more daily.  

Feb-13-2019 - API and site speed optimized

We optimized the site and API so that searches and price comparisons are much faster with most responses below 3 seconds.

Jan-16-2019 - Site and API updates

We deployed additional updates to the API, to make searches more relevant and to allow additional filters and keyword searches.  We also added the MSRP (List Price) field to the API; we are currently working on populating the whole database with the price data.

Nov-07-2018 - API update deployed

We made some fixes to the API to resolve a JSON error, improve the response time, improve results accuracy, add subjects, and address pagination issues.   API documentation has also been updated.  

Sep-08-2018 - Account Bugs Fixed

We deployed fixes to some additional API bugs related to malformed JSONS, and 400 errors when accessing the API.  We also fixed account bugs related to upgrading / changing subscription plans and expiration dates as we continue to refine and improve ISBNDB for our customers.

Aug-16-2018 - API bugs resolved

We have been hard at work fixing known bugs, we recently deployed fixes to malformed JSONs in the API, and 403 responses in the API have been fixed.  

Jul-03-2018 - ISBNDB reaches 19 Million Titles!

ISBNDB has reached a new milestone, with over 19 million books in our database (and counting).   We have one of the biggest book databases available, with thousands of new books and data points added daily.   

Apr-10-2018 - Contact with Authors And Other Questions

Hi, ISBNdb Users! We receive a lot of emails regarding how to contact the author/publisher/copyright owner of a certain book that we have in our database.

Jan-26-2018 - API Documentation Updated

API 1 documentation updated. This is located here

Jan-11-2018 - Reported Bugs Successfully Fixed

Hello ISBNdb Users!


As you may know, we were having a couple of issues regarding the password reset tool and the API keys. 


We were able to successfully change the way the password reset tool worked, making it a more simple design.