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New Data Point and Publish Date Updates

Product News & Updates By March 18, 2021 Tags: ,

Lately, we have made two major improvements to our book database, enabling users to access even more comprehensive and accurate information about books.

The first upgrade is a new data point-related ISBNs. This feature allows users to reference other ISBN editions and formats related to a particular book, providing a more complete picture of the book’s publication history.

Crawler Updates Deployed

Product News & Updates By March 25, 2020 Tags: ,

We’ve significantly reworked our crawlers to gather more data and made them faster. In addition, we’ve increased the number of data sources to expand our database more efficiently. Consequently, not only will we add many more new books, but any missing data for existing books will be added to the database faster as well.

Our shiny new crawlers are already working hard, which resulted in more than 23 million unique ISBNs in our database.

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