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Data Cleanup for Synopsis

Product News & Updates By November 2, 2021 Tags:

Data Cleanup for Synopsis

We invest a lot of effort ISBNdb into improving the quality of our book data and overall user experience. As part of this process, we have removed the “synopsis” and “overview” data points, and replaced them with a single, more comprehensive data point called “Synopsis”. This change not only eliminates redundancies in the data but also makes it cleaner and more user-friendly.

New Data Point and Publish Date Updates

Product News & Updates By March 18, 2021 Tags: ,

Lately, we have made two major improvements to our book database, enabling users to access even more comprehensive and accurate information about books.

The first upgrade is a new data point-related ISBNs. This feature allows users to reference other ISBN editions and formats related to a particular book, providing a more complete picture of the book’s publication history.

Higher API Request Limits for Premium and Pro Plans

Product News & Updates By November 23, 2020 Tags: ,

We are excited to announce that we have increased the API request limits for our Premium and Pro plans, providing our valued customers with even greater flexibility and power.

Under this new arrangement, the Basic plan will continue to have a 1 request per second limit, while Premium Plan subscribers will benefit from a 3 request per second limit, and Pro Plan subscribers will enjoy a 5 request per second allowance.