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The Best Book Club Apps to Join in 2024

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book club

Book clubs have historically played an essential role in the lives of generations of readers. Whether they served as social groups, a place for like-minded individuals to share ideas, or even catalysts for revolutions, there’s no doubt that book clubs helped shape the way we consume literature.

Nowadays, book clubs have lessened in popularity, which makes sense considering that society has been reading far less than we once did. One poll found that roughly 23% of Americans haven’t read a book in any format in the last year. Despite smartphones making reading more accessible than ever, the number of avid readers continues to wane.

Major Book Industry News for October 2023

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While the months continue to burn on faster and faster, this year proves to be an eventful one for the book and publishing industry. As authors continue to fight against the looming threat of artificial intelligence, librarians resist the ever-encroaching chains of censorship, and publishers reach record-breaking profits, we’re here through it all.

Here’s what you need to know about the major book industry news in October 2023. Also, be sure to check out our summary of news from September 2023.

How Many Books Are In The World? (2024)

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Living in the Information Age, we are accustomed to having answers to every question we could possibly have right at our fingertips. However, there are still questions that don’t have definitive answers and these are the ones that tend to drive us a bit crazy. For avid readers like us, one of these haunting questions is a simple one: how many books are in the world?

It’s a deceptively simple question. Sure, you could browse our ISBN database, which boasts a list of over 34 million unique ISBNs, which are used to classify books—but that would not be the correct answer.

Major Book Industry News for September 2023

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In this article, we’ve prepared an overview of what was happening in the book industry in September—from Booker Prize and National Book Award shortlists to financial and legal news—as well as who won the Nobel Prize in literature.

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Top 5 Book Marketplaces to Buy and Sell Books in 2024

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Book Marketplaces

The digital age has transformed the book industry, providing book lovers with access to a vast array of titles through online marketplaces. With the rise of online marketplaces, book lovers have gained access to a vast array of titles from around the world. In this article, we will take a closer look at major book marketplaces that have made a significant impact on the industry. Whether you’re a book enthusiast or an aspiring author, this overview will help you navigate the world of online book marketplaces.

5 Innovations That Shaped the Book Publishing Industry

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book publishing industry

The book publishing industry is one of the most prominent facilitators of human communication. It’s responsible for sharing important information and the stories you’ve grown to love.

Today, the book publishing market is a multi-billion dollar industry, capable of sharing the written or spoken word across the globe—but this hasn’t always been the case. Over the course of centuries, the publishing industry has undergone a number of pivotal events and innovations that have redefined the way that we consume information in all of its forms.

These are the five innovations that shaped the book publishing industry into what it is today, changing the way we read and learn.