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Book clubs have historically played an essential role in the lives of generations of readers. Whether they served as social groups, a place for like-minded individuals to share ideas, or even catalysts for revolutions, there’s no doubt that book clubs helped shape the way we consume literature.

Nowadays, book clubs have lessened in popularity, which makes sense considering that society has been reading far less than we once did. One poll found that roughly 23% of Americans haven’t read a book in any format in the last year. Despite smartphones making reading more accessible than ever, the number of avid readers continues to wane.

If you’re a reader searching to join a book club or hoping to start your own, don’t fret. Modern technology may hinder readership as a whole, but it’s also made it possible for readers to connect in ways we never thought possible. In addition, you may also be interested in reading our post about Top 10 Best Book Summary Websites & Apps.

These are the best book club apps to help you connect with other readers.

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Starting off strong, Fable is an app designed with book clubs in mind. Placing diversity and inclusion at the heart of its operations—both in terms of employment, readership, and content—the app hosts thousands of virtual book clubs.

Fable’s book clubs span every genre, from classics to YA to BookTok favorites, and are moderated by authors, social media personalities, and everyday readers. Some book clubs hosted on the app boast over a thousand members, while others remain small and personable.

Fable is a fantastic app for those looking to join a virtual book club, as it allows readers to feel a sense of community without the same responsibilities that come with attending an in-person book club.

Though Fable is free to join, you can purchase electronic versions of your book club’s next read directly through the app’s bookstore.

Fable BookClub


As its name suggests, Bookclubs is a platform focused entirely on (you guessed it!) book clubs. It allows you to join and create virtual book clubs and helps you create and manage operations for your own in-person book club.

Bookclubs is a straightforward, no-nonsense app that gives users many options for book clubs of every type. Some of the platform’s features include managing club memberships, polls for members to select new books and meeting dates, and rating each book your respective club has previously read.

One of the most significant bonuses Bookclubs offers is that it can be used on your phone, tablet, or laptop, as the platform works in both app and desktop format.

Bookclubs Book Club

Book Club (by Book Movement)

Are you already a book club member or looking to create your own? If so, Book Movement’s Book Club app is a solid tool in your arsenal.

Though one of the most pared-down selections on this list, Book Club allows you to organize meeting details book selections, message book club members, send and track member RSVPs, and purchase ebooks to read.

Book Club by Book Movement may lack many bells and whistles other apps offer, but the platform’s beauty lies in its simplicity. It’s a breath of fresh air to have a platform dedicated to managing the day-to-day operations of a book club, as attempting to supervise these activities through generic social media sites can be a bit of a nightmare.

Book Club (by Book Movement)


Arguably the biggest name in modern reading, Goodreads is a must-have social platform for readers. Available as an app or desktop site, Goodreads offers readers a place to rate, wishlist, and review their recently read titles, all while sharing them with a network of friends.

Though Goodreads operates like a typical social media platform, the app offers a Group feature that benefits those searching for a book club. These groups are massive, boasting anywhere from a dozen to hundreds of thousands of members.

A gargantuan group on Goodreads may feel impersonal, but it is still fun to connect with other readers. If you want something more intimate, you can create your group on Goodreads to operate as a virtual meeting space for a book club or connect with members of an in-person book club.

Goodreads Book Club


Like Goodreads, Bookship is designed as a book-centric social media platform. Exclusively in app format, Bookship offers users ways to save, share, and review their favorite books.

However, Bookship shines in its capabilities as a virtual book club. Through the app, you can create groups with friends (and make new ones) and organize virtual meetings through video chat. This makes it possible for you to hold virtual book club meetings in a way that is almost as satisfying as an in-person meeting.

Bookship is a free app that offers a paid version for $2.99 a month, granting users access to additional information and features.

Bookship Book Club

Reese’s Book Club

If you’re searching for a huge preexisting book club with members worldwide, look no further than Reese’s Book Club. The platform and subsequent app were founded by none other than actress Reese Witherspoon (Legally Blonde, Little Fires Everywhere) and has managed to become one of the most notable celebrity book clubs out there, second only to Oprah Winfrey’s.

The Reese’s Book Club app is a wonderful choice for those seeking a low-commitment way to join a book club. It’s free to join—though you’ll have to buy the book the club is currently reading or loan it from your local library—and typically features topical titles that aren’t too weighty, making it a great option for those who want to read but aren’t looking to dive headfirst into Dostoevsky.

Available both as an app or online through your browser, Reese’s Book Club is an accessible, easy-to-use app for those looking to join a book club rather than start one. With members all over the globe, you’ll be up-to-date on the latest releases and be a part of one of the most active reading groups in the world.

Reeses Book Club