At our aim is to provide the largest ISBN database possible for publishers, booksellers, software developers, libraries, educational institutions, and all other organizations involved in the book industry. It’s a great pleasure for us to find out about new interesting ways of the ISBNdb book database usage by our customers. Today we’re happy to share the Booklinker team story, introduced by Austin Tuwiner, the Growth Manager at Booklinker.

Booklinker is a free tool designed to help authors and publishers sell more books and reach a wider audience by using a single, localized link. Booklinker enables authors and publishers to quickly create shareable landing pages that showcase their books and allow readers to purchase them from multiple retailers, including Apple Books and Amazon. Nowadays, Booklinker serves more than 20,000 authors who have created 300,000+ optimized book links.


Booklinker began in 2013 as a simple tool to help Authors reach their international audience with “universal” Amazon links. Geniuslink acquired Booklinker a year later and ultimately brought better localization and an improved user experience. With the support of Apple Books, Booklinker reinvented itself in 2022, providing truly universal, multi-retailer links to authors. Today, authors simply paste a URL or ISBN for their book on Booklinker, and they get a beautiful landing page with localized links to multiple stores.

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Throughout these changes and improvements, the mission of Booklinker has remained the same – to help authors sell more books to more readers, all through a single, shareable link.

With Booklinker, authors no longer need to spend time creating separate links for their international audience, as the service localizes your Amazon and Apple Books links and redirects readers to the respective local storefronts.

Authors can instantly create a nice landing page with multiple buy buttons for each store where their book is available. Additionally, authors can track where the readers are coming from and what they click.

Despite these and other advancements, Booklinker remains free for authors thanks to the generous support of the company’s partners.

Booklinker uses ISBNdb to improve the user experience and to help find books across multiple retailers. When creating a Booklinker link, authors can paste an ISBN for their book instead of finding and pasting an Amazon or Apple Books link. Booklinker uses ISBNdb on the backend to look up books by ISBN and then uses that book information to find availability in other bookstores such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

In the near term, we at Booklinker plan to add support for additional book retailers beyond Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble.

We also plan on providing better ways for authors to share their books and collections of books. And we intend to use book data from ISBNdb to enable this and other future improvements. Stay tuned.

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