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Major Book Industry News for February & March 2024

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Major Book Industry News

The early months of 2024 bring together a unique blend of old and new in the publishing and literary worlds. Emerging markets in Spanish-language publishing expand in ways supported by big print and audio publishers. Critics choose top lists across genres. A new subgenre – romantasy – takes center stage at Chicago’s Otherworld Theater while one of the biggest publishers ever celebrates 100 years of success.

Here’s the major book industry news for February and March 2024. If you missed January news, we suggest checking that out as well.

How Does the Dewey Decimal System Work?

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Dewey Decimal System

If you were a librarian, how would you organize the seemingly endless number of books under your care? One of the easiest ways to do so may be to arrange them alphabetically, but is that really helpful?

Using that system, a book titled Human Biology may be next to Bob’s Big Adventure. The two books have nothing in common, and someone looking for books on human biology would have to know either the name of each book he’s looking for or blindly search each shelf to find other books on the same topic.

With that being said, a better system would be to organize books based on the topic, which is exactly what Melvil Dewey thought.

How to Find Book Sales Data in 2024

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How to Find Book Sales Data

Data is everywhere, and people have never been more interested in gaining access to it. Yet, despite this abundance of data, sales figures can be hard to put your finger on. Book sales data is a prime example. Without some popular books being sold at thousands of stores, online outlets, and even audiobook sites, it can sometimes seem very difficult to pinpoint just how many copies a particular book has sold.

Fortunately, there are solutions. In this article, we’ll discuss some helpful strategies you can use to find sales data for any book.

Books In Print Alternatives: 5 Book Databases Worth Your Attention in 2024

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Books In Print Alternatives

In the past, most of the wealth of our collective knowledge was hidden between the pages of a book. Some of these books, like encyclopedias, were relatively easy to get your hands on, but niche topics or rare tales could be challenging to come by.

Living in the internet age, we have more information at our fingertips than ever before. Books that were once inaccessible to the masses are now able to be identified and purchased at the touch of a few buttons.

Major Book Industry News for January 2024

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Major Book Industry News for January

2023 was a landmark year in the book industry, not only in terms of sales but also due to controversy. Political agendas invaded the lives of authors and readers, while AI threatened to shake up reading as we know it. Though neither of these issues show signs of slowing down, 2024 will likely come with its own share of shocking news.

Here’s the major book industry news you missed in January of 2024. Additionally, if you missed the news from November & December 2023, we recommend catching up on those as well.

Major Book Industry News for November & December 2023

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Major Book Industry News for November & December 2023

2023 has proven to be a major year in the book and publishing industry. From soaring fiscal quarters to dismal releases, publishers have been finding new and innovative ways to market the written (and spoken) word to the masses. However, changes in social viewpoints and technological advances have presented challenges for book sellers and book lovers alike.

Here’s the major book industry news you missed in November and December of 2023. If you missed the news from October 2023, be sure to check them out as well.

Top 9 Book APIs in 2024

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where to buy used books online

In the world of modern technology, Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, have become an essential tool for developers to create amazing applications. They allow developers to easily integrate different sources of data and services into their applications, thus reducing development time and cost. For book lovers and enthusiasts, APIs can provide a wealth of information about books, including information on publication dates, author biographies, book reviews, and ratings. In this blog post, we will explore the top 9 book APIs for 2024. So, whether you’re a book lover or a publishing professional, read on to discover the APIs that will make your life easier in 2024.

The Best Book Club Apps to Join in 2024

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book club

Book clubs have historically played an essential role in the lives of generations of readers. Whether they served as social groups, a place for like-minded individuals to share ideas, or even catalysts for revolutions, there’s no doubt that book clubs helped shape the way we consume literature.

Nowadays, book clubs have lessened in popularity, which makes sense considering that society has been reading far less than we once did. One poll found that roughly 23% of Americans haven’t read a book in any format in the last year. Despite smartphones making reading more accessible than ever, the number of avid readers continues to wane.

Major Book Industry News for October 2023

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While the months continue to burn on faster and faster, this year proves to be an eventful one for the book and publishing industry. As authors continue to fight against the looming threat of artificial intelligence, librarians resist the ever-encroaching chains of censorship, and publishers reach record-breaking profits, we’re here through it all.

Here’s what you need to know about the major book industry news in October 2023. Also, be sure to check out our summary of news from September 2023.