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Independent Bookstore Day Adapts to Covid

10 hours 10 minutes ago
Independent Bookstore Day, administered by the American Booksellers Association, takes place this coming Saturday, April 24. More than 740 stores are participating and booksellers are adjusting to the times, moving many events outdoors.

This Week's Bestsellers: April 19, 2021

4 days 10 hours ago
Manga makes its mark: 'My Hero Academia, Vol. 27' by Kohei Horikoshi is the #6 book in the country. Plus chef Erin French's memoir finds its way onto our hardcover nonfiction list, and we spy Flynn Berry in hardcover fiction.

How Bookishness Affects the Book Biz

4 days 10 hours ago
The fetishization of books as a vibe sells iPhone cases that look like leatherbound tomes and clothing with literary designs. But does it actually sell books? Book business insiders weigh in.