Recovery in Mental Illness: Broadening Our Understanding of Wellness

Full Title Recovery in Mental Illness: Broadening Our Understanding of Wellness
ISBN 159147163X
ISBN13 9781591471639
Publisher American Psychological Association
Authors Ruth O. Ralph
Patrick W. Corrigan
Edition 1st Edition
Overview In Social Cognition and Schizophrenia, editors Patrick W. Corrigan and David L. Penn present a theoretically important and clinically relevant frame for better understanding this thought disorder, which commonly wreaks havoc on all areas of functioning. This volume brings together the cutting-edge work of distinguished psychologists from Britain, Australia, and the United States who have developed and tested social cognitive models of schizophrenia. Here, they demonstrate how this paradigm holds promise for bridging the gap between lab-based tasks and real-world behavior and for shedding light on the development, course, and outcome of schizophrenia.

At the root of many controversies currently afflicting therapy is the important question of what works. Is its efficacy based on the singular curative powers of specialized techniques, or do other variables account for patient change occurring in therapy? This book proposes the answer, which is not to be found in the different languages, theories, or procedural differences of the field's warring camps. Instead, the answer lies in the pantheoretical, or in the common factors-the ingredients of effective therapy shared by all orientations. More than 40 years of outcome research is pointing the way to what really matters in the therapist's day-to-day work.

Schizophrenia in Late Life presents a uniquely comprehensive picture of the current research about older adults with schizophrenia. The central issue is that of age-related changes in the clinical features of schizophrenia, which include delusions, hallucinations, emotional changes, cognitive impairments, and adaptive life skills. The book also examines whether the course of schizophrenia changes over time. Do some patients improve in their symptoms and functioning as they age, manifesting fewer signs of the illness and experiencing reductions in the level of care that they require? Does full recovery ever take place? Harvey evaluates whether specific interventions hold the same promise for older patients that they do for younger patients and examines why some of these interventions have not been used. The book concludes with health policy recommendations and a call for treatment guidelines specifically targeted to older adults.

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Subjects Psychiatry - General & Miscellaneous
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Research - Psychology
Methodology - Psychology


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