Civil Procedure, Eighth Edition

Full Title Civil Procedure, Eighth Edition
ISBN 1454807105
ISBN13 9781454807100
Publisher Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
Authors Yeazell
Edition 8

Its clear, straightforward writing style continues to make Civil Procedure accessible to students without oversimplifying the material it covers. An effective overview of procedure gives students a working knowledge of the system and offers techniques for statutory analysis. Civil Procedure’s teachable structure features a clear organization, concisely edited cases-carefully chosen for first-year students-textual notes introducing and highlighting connections between sections, and practical problems. The casebook’s shorter length assures that each class will completely cover the complex course material in limited hours, and a flexible organization adapts to a variety of teaching approaches. The comprehensive print Teacher’s Manual offers detailed teaching guidance, case analyses, and sample syllabi; the interactive online version also provides PowerPoint slides and Mindmaps. A companion Statutory and Case Supplement is annually updated, and the complete text of cases can be found on the accompanying Website.

The Eighth Edition introduces innovative new features that highlight important and engaging material. 'What’s New Here?' boxes briefly summarize key points emerging from cases, statutes, and rules. 'Implications' boxes make brief statements about connections and extensions of doctrine, aimed at answering the perennial question students ask, 'How does this connect with the rest of the course?' 'Perspectives' boxes provide short explorations of cases’ historical context and related developments, addressing the query, 'What does it mean that this happened at this historical moment?' The material is updated throughout, and new material appears on Erie, pleading, discovery, arbitration, preclusion, class actions, and joinder. The Eighth Edition is available as an eBook as well as a print book.


• Clear, straightforward writing style, accessible without being oversimplified
• Effective overview of the procedural system

• gives students a working knowledge of the system
• offers techniques for statutory analysis

• Teachable structure

• clear organization
• concisely edited cases, carefully chosen for first-year students
• textual notes introduce and highlight connections between sections
• practical problems
• shorter length assures completion of complex course material in limited hours

• Flexible organization, adapts to a variety of teaching approaches
• Comprehensive print Teacher’s Manual

• detailed teaching guidance
• case analyses
• sample syllabi

• And more in the interactive online Teacher’s Manual

• PowerPoint slides
• Mindmaps

• Companion Statutory and Case Supplement, annually updated

Dimensions 7.60 (w) x 10.20 (h) x 1.40 (d)
Subjects General & Miscellaneous Law


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