The Godmother's Apprentice

Full Title The Godmother's Apprentice
ISBN 1452499535
ISBN13 9781452499536
Publisher Gypsy Shadow Publishing
Authors Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Overview 'Dear Rosie, Being an apprentice fairy godmother is complicated. Not only do I have to go out and find good deeds to do, but for a sidekick I have that hit man that Felicity changed into a toad. I wanted to take the cat but she seems to have had a big funeral to attend. Felicity isn’t around much. She keeps disappearing through a door in the guestroom that opens on the side of a hill. The swimming pool is weird too, and I could have sworn I saw someone dancing on the bottom. I am enjoying riding the flying horse and helping a boy who plays squeezebox and talks to swans though, so things are--you should pardon the expression--looking up.'
Subjects Fiction Subjects
Science Fiction & Fantasy


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