Wacky Laws, Weird Decisions, and Strange Statutes

Full Title Wacky Laws, Weird Decisions, and Strange Statutes
ISBN 1402716702
ISBN13 9781402716706
Publisher Main Street Press
Authors Sheryl Lindsell-Roberts
K. R. Hobbie
Ted LeValliant
Marcel Theroux
Sterling Publishing Company Staff

There ought to be a law against making laws this wacky! But since there isn't, why not have fun with the silliest statutes, looniest lawsuits, and dumbest decisions on record?

Who ever thought a law book would be funnier than a joke book? Well it is-just take a look at these: Children under the age of seven can't attend college in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Anyone flying over Maine should remember: it's illegal there to step out of the plane while it's in the air. And why can't the chicken cross the road in Quitman, Georgia? Because it's fowl criminal behavior. That's just the beginning, because this collection also uncovers some of the most incredible, unbelievable lawsuits, government grants, and court verdicts. For example, the United States Navy spent $792 for a designer doormat. A psychic sued doctors because she lost her aura after a brain scan. Each fact is stranger than the one before!

Dimensions 5.70 (w) x 8.80 (h) x 1.10 (d)
Subjects Law & Order - Humor
Legal Anecdotes
United States Law - General & Miscellaneous


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