The wolves of Minnesota

Full Title The wolves of Minnesota
ISBN 089658464X
ISBN13 9780896584648
Publisher Stillwater, MN : Voyageur Press, 2000.
Authors Mech
L. David

The wolves of Minnesota are one of conservation's greatest success stories. Of the 48 contiguous United States, only Minnesota-with a wolf population at an estimated 2,600-has managed to protect and sustain a viable wolf population over the past two decades. Today, the wolf is close to being removed from the federal government's endangered species list. But while some applaud the wolf's return, others worry about the human cultural costs of maintaining such a large population, and others wonder if that population is too high for the wolf's own good. Edited by renowned expert wolfman Dr. L. David Mech and comprising the work of several researchers who have studied Minnesota wolves, The Wolves of Minnesota is an authoritative account of the background of the wolf in Minnesota. It features the fascinating story of the comeback of the wolf in Minnesota and examines the cultural costs of the comeback of the animal, to the point where the question is not Will we ever hear the howl of the wolf again? but How many howls are enough? The Wolves of Minnesota examines the animal and its packs and populations, the past and present ranges of the species in Minnesota, the rich history of the scientific research about it, the biology of the wolf, the wolf's prey, wolf-human interactions, and the future of the wolf in Minnesota.

Dimensions 8.50 (w) x 11.00 (h) x 0.85 (d)
Subjects Mammals - Wild Canines


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