Having a baby is a beautiful miracle of love and life

Full Title Having a baby is a beautiful miracle of love and life
ISBN 0883963582
ISBN13 9780883963586
Publisher Boulder, Colo. : Blue Mountain Press, 1992.
Authors Stephen Schutz
Overview This book chronicles the authorÆs first experience with pregnancy from the moment she discovers it, through her nine-month term, and for the first three months afterwards. It is beautiful, poignant, bold, frightening, inspiring, and most of all, truly honest. She shares the fear and joy she feels as she watches her body change. She watches peopleÆs reactions to her changing. She describes her own perception of herself changing. She develops the love for her son as he develops in her womb. She captures the essence of pregnancy by poetically writing about the miracle of life.

This book is a must for every pregnant woman. Whether is it her first or her fifth, the emotions and descriptions in this book are shared by all who have given birth. It is the ultimate description of pregnancy, written by a woman who is able to chronicle her experiences in words that we can all cherish and understand.

Dimensions 5.71 (w) x 8.43 (h) x 0.33 (d)
Subjects Family - Poetry


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