Cognitive rehabilitation for neuropsychiatric disorders

Full Title Cognitive rehabilitation for neuropsychiatric disorders
ISBN 0880485515
ISBN13 9780880485517
Publisher Washington, DC : American Psychiatric Press, c1996.
Authors Patrick W. Corrigan
Stuart C. Yudofsky
Edition 1
Publish Date 1996-01-15
Binding Hardcover

Cognitive rehabilitation is a relatively young and rapidly changing field that extends beyond the amelioration of symptoms and control of dysfunctional behavior in the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders. Instead, it emphasizes identifying and building on patients' strengths, and ultimately facilitating the acquisition of the cognitive-behavioral skills needed to improve quality of life.

Cognitive Rehabilitation for Neuropsychiatric Disorders is a useful tool for clinicians who work with patients who have cognitive disabilities associated with neuropsychiatric conditions. A distinguished group of scientist practitioners share their up-to-date expertise on normal cognitive function and the concept of cognitive rehabilitation. Comprehensive in scope, the book covers a wide range of practical issues in cognitive rehabilitation.

Cognitive Rehabilitation for Neuropsychiatric Disorders presents an exceptional overview of the current knowledge about cognitive function and dysfunction, as well as the therapeutic strategies used to restore function that is lost as the result of central nervous system (CNS) disorders. Delving into a new subject area, this volume aims to aid the clinician in choosing treatment options that are relevant, respectful, and effective for patients with cognitive problems resulting from CNS disorders. Environmental requirements for setting up rehabilitation programs and the uses and potential of progressive techniques such as video and computer equipment are explored. Four models that serve as frameworks for organizing and developing treatment strategies are discussed, and detailed information is provided on what is known about cognitive deficits in depression, psychiatric disorders, and social anxiety.

American Psychiatric Publishing

The book contains black-and-white illustrations.

Dimensions 6.00 (w) x 9.00 (h) x 1.15 (d)
Subjects Neuroscience
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Cognitive Disorders
Methodology - Psychology
Neuropsychology & Neuropsychiatry


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