Shakespeare's third keyboard

Full Title Shakespeare's third keyboard
ISBN 087413692X
ISBN13 9780874136920
Publisher Newark : University of Delaware Press ; c2000.
Authors Flint
Overview This book springs from an unaccountable gap among the rows of Shakespeare Studies on bookshop and library shelves. Playgoers and readers with insatiable appetites for every kind of commentary on Shakespeare's work who discover some volumes devoted to his style may find a musical metaphor illuminating: that Shakespeare had three keyboards at his disposal. The first, blank verse, and the second, prose, have attracted some critical attention; but the third, his rime (as his contemporary printers spelled it), has been neglected. This study aims to fill that gap.
Subjects English Drama - General & Miscellaneous - Literary Criticism
English Drama - 16th-17th Century - Elizabethan & Jacobean Eras - Shakespeare - Literary Criticism


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