The white man's burdens

Full Title The white man's burdens
ISBN 0859894509
ISBN13 9780859894500
Publisher Exeter, Devon : University of Exeter Press, 1996.
Authors Chris Brooks and Peter Faulkner
Edition 1
Overview In 1898, notoriously, Kipling urged the imperialist nations to 'Take up the White Man's Burden'. The following year, in Satan Absolved, Wilfred Scawen Blunt angrily replied, 'The White Man's Burden, Lord, is the burden of his cash'. Such ideological conflicts - and a whole range of intermediate positions - feature in much of the poetry that British writers produced about the British Empire over the four centuries of its rise and fall. The discourses of postcolonialism have drawn attention to the major and continuing significance of the cultural products of the period of Western imperialism. But, so far, they have concentrated largely upon fiction and upon the writings and experiences of those parts of the world that were subject to colonialism and imperialist oppression. For the first time, The White Man's Burdens offers a cross-section of British poetry in which the Empire was the burden of the song.
Dimensions 8.30 (w) x 5.20 (h) x 0.90 (d)
Subjects Poetry Anthologies
English Poetry
English & Irish Literature Anthologies


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