Aquatic predators and their prey

Full Title Aquatic predators and their prey
ISBN 0852382308
ISBN13 9780852382301
Publisher Cambridge, Mass. : Fishing News Books, 1996.
Authors Simon P. R. Greenstreet and Mark L. Tasker
Edition 1
Overview In three major sections, Aquatic Predators and Their Prey examines the behaviour, ecology and management of predators and their prey in both seawater and fresh water, paying particular attention to the main predators:seals, cetaceans, birds, fish and man. The text details not only the methods employed by predators to capture their prey, but also the strategies they have developed to evade capture. Additionally examined are the role of predators in governing the population dynamics of prey species and in determining the structure of ecosystems. Finally, the impact of man, both as harvester and manager of aquatic ecosystems, is also evaluated in considerable detail.

  • Brings together the management of aquatic ecosystems with various aspects of predator/prey interactions.
  • Promotes greater understanding of the role of predator/prey interactions in the function of aquatic ecosystems.
  • Will aid the development of whole system management protocols.
Dimensions 7.64 (w) x 9.98 (h) x 0.68 (d)
Subjects Biology - General & Miscellaneous
Fisheries & Aquaculture


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