Vernon Early

Full Title Vernon Early
ISBN 0822216914
ISBN13 9780822216919
Publisher New York : Dramatists Play Service, c1999.
Authors Horton Foote
Overview VERNON EARLY revisits American life in Horton Foote's fictional town of Harrison, Texas, during the 1950s. The title character, Vernon, is a doctor, in the days when the house call was commonplace. Consumed by his work, his spirit has been eroded by the pressures of his job and the lingering depression he shares with his wife, Mildred, over the loss of their adopted child to its birth mother. Mirroring the tragic existence of the Earlys, many of Harrison's other residents are also consumed with the self-inflicted wounds of life: aging, individual isolation, love, and racial inequality. Through all of the bleakness of life there still shines a glimmer of hope reflected in the spirit of the town's sad doctor: Vernon Early.
Subjects Drama
General & Miscellaneous Drama


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