Crime and public policy

Full Title Crime and public policy
ISBN 0813326788
ISBN13 9780813326788
Publisher Boulder, Colo. : Westview Press, 1995.
Authors Hugh D. Barlow
Edition 1

In this timely book of original essays, some of criminology’s most respected scholars assess the policy implications of recent theories of crime. The central question posed by the book is: Where does contemporary criminological theory lead open-minded policymakers who are seeking to construct effective new strategies for dealing with crime?Evaluating their own and others’ work, the contributors present specific policy recommendations based on their analyses. After reading these essays, students of crime will discover they can now suggest answers to another question often posed in the classroom: How can theory help us solve the crime problem?Although the book focuses on the policy implications of theories that have a broad scope or that integrate different perspectives, it concludes with chapters that contemplate theory and policy as applied to specific areas of criminal activity. The authors have written exciting and challenging essays that will interest criminologists and criminal justice practitioners as well as experts in public administration and policy analysis. In the classroom, the book will be useful in upper-level and graduate courses in criminology, criminal justice, and policy analysis.

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Subjects Social Sciences - General & Miscellaneous


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