Sisters: The Lives of America's Suffragists

Full Title Sisters: The Lives of America's Suffragists
ISBN 0809087030
ISBN13 9780809087037
Publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Authors Jean H. Baker
Edition 1st
Publish Date 2006-08-22
Binding Paperback
They forever changed America: Lucy Stone, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Frances Willard, Alice Paul. At their revolution's start in the 1840s, a woman's right to speak in public was questioned. By its conclusion in 1920, the victory in woman's suffrage had also encompassed the most fundamental rights of citizenship: the right to control wages, hold property, to contract, to sue, to testify in court. Their struggle was confrontational (women were the first to picket the White House for a political cause) and violent (women were arrested, jailed, and force-fed in prisons). And like every revolutionary before them, their struggle was personal.

For the first time, the eminent historian Jean H. Baker tellingly interweaves these women's private lives with their public achievements, presenting these revolutionary women in three dimensions, humanized, and marvelously approachable.

Dimensions 5.47 (w) x 8.17 (h) x 0.77 (d)
Subjects U.S. Politics & Government - 20th Century
20th Century American History - Politics & Government - 1900-1945
U.S. Politics & Government - 19th Century
United States History - General & Miscellaneous
19th Century American History - Politics & Government


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