Beyond the monolith

Full Title Beyond the monolith
ISBN 0801856175
ISBN13 9780801856174
Publisher Washington, D.C. : W. Wilson Center Press ; c1997.
Authors Peter J. Stavrakis
Joan DeBardeleben
and Larry Black
with the assistance of Jodi Koehn

In the wake of the USSR's breakup, the eighty-nine constituent subjects of the Russian Federation emerged as political players, grasping power for local policies from a weakened central authority and electing the legislators who have altered the complexion of the central government. Beyond the Monolith examines the impact of Russia's emerging regionalism on the political, economic, and social transformation of the largest of the successor states of the Soviet Union.

The authors explore significant variations between and similarities among different provinces; the development of federalism in Russia; the effectiveness of local government; the power relationships between the center and the regions; the differential impact of privatization outside Moscow and St. Petersburg; and the role of environmental, public health, and labor market factors in regional economies.

Contributors are Cynthia Buckley, Carol Clark, Robert V. Daniels, Mark. G. Field, Alexander A. Galkin, Nail Midkhatovich Moukhariamov, Demosthenes James Peterson, Greg Poelzer, Don K. Rowney, Darrell Slider, and John F. Young.

Dimensions 6.40 (w) x 9.35 (h) x 0.97 (d)
Subjects Post-Communism
Russian & Soviet Studies
Economic Conditions in Europe - Eastern Europe
1991 - Present - History
Russia - History - Social Aspects
Russia - History - Economic Aspects
Russia &


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