Earth summit ethics

Full Title Earth summit ethics
ISBN 0791430537
ISBN13 9780791430538
Publisher New York : State University of New York Press, c1996.
Authors J. Baird Callicott and Fernando J. R. da Rocha
Overview On the eve of the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Fernando J. R. da Rocha challenged environmental philosophers to suggest and develop effective ways in which universities might engender ecological literacy and environmental ethics. The result was a pre-conference held in Porto Alegre, Brazil, whose aim was to put the summit in philosophical perspective, influence its outcome, and chart a new course, linking environment and ethics through university education. This book is an outgrowth of the Porto Alegre conference, and the international environmental philosophers and educators represented here inaugurate a constructive dialogue that will continue well into the twenty-first century. Among the contributors to the volume are environmental philosophers Andrew Brennan, J. Baird Callicott, Fernando J. R. da Rocha, and Holmes Ralston, III, and education theorists Peter Madsen and John Lemons. In addition, the book introduces English-language readers to the work of French philosopher Catherine Larrere, Spanish philosopher Nicholas Sosa, and Brazil's radical former Secretary for the Environment and deep ecologist Jose Lutzenberger.
Subjects Interdisciplinary Aspects of Environmental Sciences
Environmental Science - General & Miscellaneous
Education - Philosophy & Social Aspects
Philosophy - General & Miscellaneous
Natural Literature & History
Teaching - Science & Technology
Ethics & Mo


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