Japanese Aesthetics and Culture; A Reader

Full Title Japanese Aesthetics and Culture; A Reader
ISBN 0791424006
ISBN13 9780791424001
Publisher State University of New York Press
Authors Nancy G. Hume
Overview This anthology is intended to supplement courses in which Japanese aesthetics and culture are taught. The essays assume little background knowledge; they do represent seminal thought in literary, cultural, and aesthetic criticism, and are well known to scholars for their clarity and straightforward exposition, making them especially useful to the Westerner who does not speak Japanese. Some of the essays provide a general introduction to the basic theories of Japanese aesthetics, others deal with poetry and theater, and a third group discusses cultural phenomena directly related to classic Japanese literature. The text includes notes on historical periods and language, a glossary of the most significant literary and aesthetic vocabulary, and an extensive, annotated bibliography that guides the reader to primary materials, critical studies, general histories, anthologies, encyclopedias, and lists of films and audio-visual materials.
Dimensions 5.96 (w) x 9.01 (h) x 0.75 (d)
Subjects Japanese Art
General Aesthetics & Philosophy of Art
Japanese Philosophy


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