Six poets of racial uplift

Full Title Six poets of racial uplift
ISBN 0783814313
ISBN13 9780783814315
Publisher New York : G.K. Hall ; c1996.
Authors Gayle Pemberton
Overview The six poets represented in this volume wrote during the first decades of this century, a period after Reconstruction and before the Harlem Renaissance when a new generation of African-Americans continued the struggle against injustice, violence, and hypocrisy, and strove for the betterment of their race. The poetry of these writers, while to some extent conventional, even derivative, is nevertheless noteworthy for what Pemberton in her introduction calls its emphatic proclamation of self-worth, dignity, and membership in a community of upstanding and proud black people.
Dimensions 5.97 (w) x 8.61 (h) x 1.65 (d)
Subjects Poetry Anthologies
American Poetry
American Literature Anthologies


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