A Life with Dogs

Full Title A Life with Dogs
ISBN 0760320454
ISBN13 9780760320457
Publisher Motorbooks International
Authors Roger Welsch

They can make a grown man coo baby talk in public and a strong woman weep like a little schoolgirl. They seldom perform any practical function in our modern, mechanized society, yet people are willing to spend more on vet bills than on their kids college tuition. They pee on our carpets, shred our living room furniture, and poop on our sidewalks, yet we love these critters more than we love life itself. Why do little beasts have such control over us simple human beings? That is the question dog nut Roger Welsch explores in A Life With Dogs. Ultimately Welsch concludes that there is no answer as to why we shower so much affection on our dogs. In A Life With Dogs, Roger Welsch has written one of his most entertaining volumes yet, a collection of essays reflecting on mankind's significant other, the dog. Roger's love of dogs is apparent in every page of this book, and his enthusiasm for the subject adds a level of sparkle to his wit that transcends even his beloved tractor books.- You'll laugh, and if you are human you'll cry- Why dogs deserve the name Fido, Latin for I am Faithful- Resources to help rescue dogs

Dimensions 6.25 (w) x 9.25 (h) x 1.00 (d)
Subjects Dogs - General & Miscellaneous
Pet Memoirs


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