Ojibwa: Wild Rice Gatherers

Full Title Ojibwa: Wild Rice Gatherers
ISBN 0736815376
ISBN13 9780736815376
Publisher Coughlan Publishing
Authors Therese DeAngelis
Therese Deangelis
Vikki Howard

Through beautiful paintings and photography, the America's First Peoples series brings young readers into the unique cultures of American Indian tribes and nations. These books take a close look at rich traditions that helped shape the lives of American Indians in the past and into the present.

When the Ojibwa people reached the Great Lakes after a long journey, they found a plant they had never before seen. Its tall stalks floated on top of the water. The plant was wild rice, and the Ojibwa soon learned that the rice was delicious to eat. They decided to make this place where food grows on water their new home. In time, wild rice became an important part of the Ojibwa way of life.

Discusses the Ojibwa Indians, focusing on their tradition of gathering wild rice. Includes a rice recipe and instructions for making a dream catcher.

Dimensions 9.94 (w) x 9.80 (h) x 0.33 (d)
Subjects North American People
Native American Studies


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