Sarawak: its inhabitants and productions

Full Title Sarawak: its inhabitants and productions
ISBN 0714620173
ISBN13 9780714620176
Publisher London, Cass, 1968.
Authors Hugh Low
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CHAPTER II. THE TEMPERATURE AND SOIL OF BORNEO THE VEGETABLE PRODUCTIONS OF THE ISLAND DESCRIBED IN SUCCESSION THE SUGAB CANE SPICES-THE NIBONG THE BAMBOO-RICE THE COCOA NUT SAGO THE GOMUTI PALM ITS USES-THE BETEL, OR ARECA NUT-RATTANS AND CANES THE NIPAH AND MANGROVE - CAMPHOR VEGETABLE OIL3-THE GUTTA PERCHA THE tTPAB TREE-DAMMAR-WILD CINNAMON AND COTTON-PEPPER AND COFFEE-GAMBIER AND TOBACCO TIMBER TREKS ORNAMENTAL AND SCENTED WOODS-FLOWERS. The climate of Borneo, like that of most of the Eastern islands, has been found exceedingly healthy to persons whose avocations do not render great exposure necessary. The north-east monsoon, or that which blows from April to October, is the rainy period; but a day rarely passes during the south-west, or fine monsoon, without a refreshing shower : this, with the constant warmth, causes every thing to grow during the whole year, the forests being clothed with a perpetual verdure, which gives the islands, when seen from the sea, a beautiful appearance, possessed by no country in the world to so great an extent; shrubs (Hibiscus) and flowering trees (Barringtonia) always overhanging the margin of the ocean, and the inland mountains are observed covered to their summits with a dense and luxuriant vegetation. In temperature it has never been found by Euro- TEMPERATURE OF BORNEO. 31 peans to be oppressively hot; the thermometer generally averaging 70 to 72 Fahrenheit in the mornings and evenings, and 82to 85 at 2 P.m., which is generally the hottest part of the day ; and though in the dry season the mercury has sometimes ascended as high as 92, and occasionally 93, it has not been felt so inconveniently oppressive to Europeans as a hot summer day in England. The houses of the Europeans being built near the river...
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