Full Title Boston
ISBN 0674002687
ISBN13 9780674002685
Publisher Cambridge, Mass. : Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2000.
Authors Walter Muir Whitehill
Edition 3
Overview This book covering more than 300 years of the course of Boston's history has now been enlarged with an account of the city's new urban design, architecture, and historic preservation. In the last three decades momentous changes have visited this colonial city made modern. Lawrence W. Kennedy portrays the Boston that preserved much of the intimacy of the remembered place while creating a dramatic new skyline. Boston has been remarkably transformed while keeping human the features of a beloved city.
Dimensions 6.27 (w) x 9.23 (h) x 1.12 (d)
Subjects U.S.A. - Northeast & Middle Atlantic Architecture
Massachusetts - State & Local History
Historic Preservation


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