Three tall women

Full Title Three tall women
ISBN 0525939601
ISBN13 9780525939603
Publisher New York : Dutton, [1995], c1994.
Authors Edward Albee
Overview In Act One, a young lawyer, C, has been sent to the home of a client, a ninety-two-year-old woman, A, to sort out her finances. A, frail, perhaps a bit senile, resists and is of no help to C. Along with B, the old woman's matronly paid companion/caretaker, C tries to convince A that she must concentrate on the matters at hand. In A's beautifully appointed bedroom, she prods, discusses and bickers with B and C, her captives. A's long life is laid out for display, no holds barred. She cascades from regal and charming to vicious and wretched as she wonders about and remembers her life: her husband and their cold, passionless marriage; her son and their estrangement. How did she become this? Who is she? Finally, when recounting her most painful memory, she suffers a stroke. In Act Two, A's comatose body lies in bed as B and C observe no changes in her condition. In a startling coup-de-theatre, A enters, very much alive and quite lucid. The three women are now the stages of A's life: the imperious old woman, the regal matron and the young woman of twenty-six. Her life, memories and reminiscences-pondered in the first act-are now unceremoniously examined, questioned, accepted or not, but, at last, understood. In the end, her son arrives and kneels at her bedside, but it is too late.

Winner of the 1994 Pulitzer Prize for best play, as well as a number of other prestigious awards, Three Tall Woman has been called Albee's finest achievement. In his triumphant return to the New York and London stages, Albee demonstrates insight and vision with a moving look at mortality. Stunning . . . nuanced and breathtaking.--Time.

Dimensions 5.70 (w) x 8.76 (h) x 0.64 (d)
Subjects General & Miscellaneous Drama


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