Russian housing in the modern age

Full Title Russian housing in the modern age
ISBN 0521431972
ISBN13 9780521431972
Publisher Washington, D.C. : Woodrow Wilson Center Press ; 1993.
Authors William Craft Brumfield and Blair A. Ruble

The chapters in this book, by specialists in various areas of modern Russian history and culture, explore the ways in which Russians during the past century have provided one of the most basic of human needs-housing. At the end of the nineteenth century, Russian housing reflected both tradition and sweeping social change, from the peasant countryside to the growth of major new urban centers. The first three chapters of the book illustrate this contrast in shelter, as well as the accomplishments and inadequacies of the pre-revolutionary building boom. The intractable problems of housing within a society in transition were addressed with new vigor by Soviet planners. The book examines idealistic, modernist projects for housing in the 1920s, as well as workers' settlements for the Five-Year Plans. The bombastic pretensions of Stalinist architecture are also explored from a sociological and historical perspective. Later chapters examine the origins of the bleary countryside and cityscape of the Krushchev and Brezhnev eras. The volume concludes with a view of contemporary developments-again in a society undergoing fundamental changes-and offers views of possible developments in the next century. The result is the first multidisciplinary examination of housing in all of its varied forms throughout the twentieth century in Russia.

Dimensions 7.87 (w) x 10.04 (h) x 0.94 (d)
Subjects General & Miscellaneous Architectural History & Criticism
Moderne/1930s Architecture
Domestic Architecture


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