Atoms, Pneuma, and Tranquillity: Epicurean and Stoic Themes in European Thought

Full Title Atoms, Pneuma, and Tranquillity: Epicurean and Stoic Themes in European Thought
ISBN 0521018463
ISBN13 9780521018463
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Authors Margaret J. Osler
Overview This volume examines the influence that Epicureanism and Stoicism, two philosophies of nature and human nature articulated during classical times, exerted on the development of European thought to the Enlightenment. Although the influence of these philosophies has often been noted in certain areas, such as the influence of Stoicism on the development of Christian thought and the influence of Epicureanism on modern materialism, the chapters in this volume forward a new awareness of the degree to which these philosophies and their continued interaction informed European intellectual life well into early modern times. The influence of the Epicurean and Stoic philosophies in the areas of literature, philosophy, theology, and science are considered. Many thinkers continue to perceive these philosophies as significant alternatives for understanding the human and natural worlds. Having become incorporated into the canon of philosophical alternatives, Epicureanism and Stoicism continued to exert identifiable influences on scientific and philosphical thought at least until the middle of the eighteenth century.
Dimensions 5.98 (w) x 8.98 (h) x 0.71 (d)
Subjects Ancient Philosophy - General & Miscellaneous
Medieval Philosophy - General & Miscellaneous
Ancient Greek Philosophy - General & Miscellaneous
European Philosophy - General & Miscellaneous
Modern Philosophy - General & Miscellaneous


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