The Quaternary History of Scandinavia

Full Title The Quaternary History of Scandinavia
ISBN 0521018315
ISBN13 9780521018319
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Authors Joakim Donner
J. J. Donner

During the Quaternary Period, Scandinavia's mountains were the source for repeated glaciation that covered much of eastern, central and western Europe. With a particular emphasis on Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, this text describes how these glaciations, and their intervening warmer stages, affected Scandinavia and the surrounding areas. In particular, this account focuses on the last cold stage, the Weichselian, with its extensive Late Weichselian glaciation and the subsequent deglaciation, and on the last 10,000 years, the Holocene, with its well documented environmental changes. The Quaternary History of Scandinavia provides a cross-frontier synthesis of how the glaciation affected this vast region.

Dimensions 8.46 (w) x 10.98 (h) x 0.43 (d)
Subjects Geology - General & Miscellaneous
Stratigraphic Geology


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