Adventures in UNIX network applications programming

Full Title Adventures in UNIX network applications programming
ISBN 0471528595
ISBN13 9780471528593
Publisher New York : J. Wiley, c1992.
Authors Bill Rieken
Lyle Weiman
Edition 1
Overview Written to help you with the ten percent of the network programming that consumes ninety percent of your time and causes most of your vexing problems, it teaches communications/network programing, including interprocess communicator, protocols, and process level application programming. Geared to the growing number of programmers in the UNIX workstation environment, it covers a variety of the most widely used protocols of OSI, TCP/IP, X.25, Berkeley Sockets, AT&T System V Streams and more. In addition, it develops the code for solutions to typical problems in network software programming and offers numerous practical and helpful examples.

Written with the UNIX systems administrator and applications programmer in mind, this essential guide shows readers how to avoid annoying pitfalls and costly delays before they occur.

Subjects Platform-Specific Programming
Operating Systems - Computer Networks


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