Faithful representations and topographic maps

Full Title Faithful representations and topographic maps
ISBN 0471345075
ISBN13 9780471345077
Publisher New York : John Wiley & Sons, c2000.
Authors Marc M. Van Hulle
Edition 1
Overview Topographic map formation is an important component of both artificial and biological networks, and is emerging as a key topic in the theory of Neural Networks, a popular area of artificial intelligence research. This book discusses in detail, the science behind a computer's ability to self-organize, an area which has important practical applications in data mining and pattern recognition. Written by a well-known researcher in the field and providing an introductory chapter to bring newcomers to the topic up-to-speed, this title provides complete coverage of self-organizing maps.
Dimensions 37.78 (w) x 11.63 (h) x 0.74 (d)
Subjects Cartography
Dynamics - General & Miscellaneous
Neural Networks
Astrophysics & Space Science


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