Hairy Science Projects

Full Title Hairy Science Projects
ISBN 0448440954
ISBN13 9780448440958
Publisher Planet Dexter
Authors Planet Dexter
Jess Brallier
Overview Full-color, funny, and kid-friendly yet absolutely scientifically sound, this affordable new paperback series helps kids get started on that Mount Everest of grade school experiences-their first science project. Provide start-to-finish guidance with sample research, a scientific overview of the subject, pictures to photocopy and use, as well as truly original and easy experiments. Perfect whether kids have to do a written report, oral presentation, or create an exhibit.

Shadows-what are they? how do they control heat? where do they go at night? and why are they sometimes so big, sometimes so tiny, and sometimes not there at all? The science of shadows is here as well as many inventive ideas to help get kids going on a science project, whether they have to do a written report, an oral report (with tips on how to get over the jitters!), or a classroom exhibit.
Dimensions 6.28 (w) x 9.28 (h) x 0.40 (d)
Subjects Beauty & Hygiene
Science & Technology Experiments


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