Reading McDowell

Full Title Reading McDowell
ISBN 0415212138
ISBN13 9780415212137
Publisher Taylor & Francis, Inc.
Authors Nicholas H. Smith
Edition New Edition
Overview John McDowell's Mind and World is one of the most important contributions to philosophy in recent years. It is certainly one of the most challenging and provocative. It is here that McDowell makes important contributions to contemporary debates in epistemology, philosophy of mind and ethics and also canvasses a broader outlook on the tasks of philosophy by bringing the main concerns of analytic and hermeneutic philosophy in an enriching contact.

Mind and World is an extraordinary rich work, but also an unusually difficult one and the full implication of its central themes are sometimes obscure. Reading McDowell aims at clearing some of these central themes and provides further sources for the reader. The book brings together an exceptional list of contributors including Richard Bernstein, Gregory McCulloch, Hilary Putnam, Charles Taylor, Crispin Wright, Jay Bernstein, Rudiger Bubner, Robert Pippin, Charles Lamour, Axel Honneth, Barry Stround, Robert Brandom and Michael Williams. John McDowell also responds to all the contributions.
Dimensions 6.14 (w) x 9.21 (h) x 0.69 (d)
Subjects Philosophical Positions & Movements
Major Branches of Philosophical Study
Ethics & Moral Philosophy


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