Forever England

Full Title Forever England
ISBN 0415016622
ISBN13 9780415016629
Publisher London ; Routledge, 1991.
Authors Alison Light
Overview Most studies of the interwar years have focused on literary elites, rendering the era and its literature in almost exclusively male terms. Alison Light argues that we cannot make sense of the English character in the period, or understand the changes within literary

culture, unless we recognize the extent to which the female population represented the nation between the wars.

From the traumatic aftermath of the First World War, Forever England traces the making of a conservative national temperament which could be defensive

and protective, yet modernizing in outlook. In a series of literary analyses, Light defines this new version of ``Englishness''; in particular, she looks at new kinds of readership and fiction, at the historical and emotional significance of the ``whodunit,'' the burgeoning of historical

romance, and the creation of a middlebrow culture.

As a feminist inquiry, Forever England argues for a social and political history that connects the interior structures of private life with their more public and national forms. It also makes the controversial

proposal that feminism should come to terms with conservative, as well as radical, desires and their place in women's lives.

Scholarly and passionate, Forever England will appeal to those interested in the boundaries between literature and history and their

different forms of story-telling, as well as the changing shapes of national and sexual identities.

England gives us reasons to reevaluate the lives and the acheivements of women during this era and thereby opens up a fascinating and rewarding new area for feminist researchm in the United States as well as in Great Britain (Women's Review of Books)

Dimensions 8.00 (w) x 10.00 (h) x 2.00 (d)
Subjects English Fiction & Prose Literature - General & Miscellaneous - Literary Criticism
World War I - General & Miscellaneous
Women Authors - British - Literary Criticism
National Characteristics - Europe
English Fiction & Prose Literature - 20th Century -


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