George Catlin and His Indian Gallery

Full Title George Catlin and His Indian Gallery
ISBN 0393052176
ISBN13 9780393052176
Publisher Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc.
Authors George Catlin
Brian W. Dippie
George Gurney
Renwick Gallery

From the foremost collection of the artist's work, a remarkable portrait of Native American life.

In 1832, George Catlin-showman, entrepreneur, and artist-made the first of four trips into Indian country, painting as he went, in a wonderfully spontaneous, if somewhat naive style. His ambition was to paint every tribe. He fell short. But what he did achieve, and the subject of this splendid volume, is a remarkable look into the faces and daily activities of Native Americans before their lands and their numbers were so radically diminished. And while Catlin was clearly influenced by the idea that Indians were Noble Savages (rapidly acquiring the vices of the white man while losing their savage virtues), his passion for his work is evidence of a profound respect and affection for his subjects, clearly demonstrated in this magnificent book.

Dimensions 10.50 (w) x 12.40 (h) x 1.40 (d)
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