Marxism, the millennium and beyond

Full Title Marxism, the millennium and beyond
ISBN 0333801660
ISBN13 9780333801666
Publisher Houndmills [England] ; Palgrave, 2000.
Authors Mark Cowling and Paul Reynolds
This collection makes a strong case for the continuing relevance and dynamism of several perspectives informed by Marxism. It includes a magisterial essay on Marxism and state theory, a discussion of fundamentalist values using analytical Marxism, an introduction to Fromm's humanist Marxism, which anticipated many of the themes of current radical politics. The book also includes provocative pieces on Marxism and ecology, Marxism and feminism, the debate between Marxists and post-Marxists, the democratic Marxism of Hal Draper, the confrontation between Marxism and Liberalism, and Marxism's place in the history of political thought.
Subjects History of Communism
World History - General & Miscellaneous


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