The play behind the play

Full Title The play behind the play
ISBN 0325000069
ISBN13 9780325000060
Publisher Portsmouth, NH : Heinemann, c1998.
Authors Anne Shiras

When Shakespeare wrote Hamlet, there was no need to explain complex characterizations: he and his cast knew how the play should be performed. So now, nearly four hundred years later, when theatre companies produce Hamlet, more and more of them are looking to the First Quarto, the original version, for inspiration.

The Play Behind the Play is essential reading for anyone interested in producing or understanding Hamlet as it was first presented. Foster takes up in detail the First Quarto, which is reproduced in its entirety, while discussing the early stories that furnished the play's basic plot. He analyzes the First Quarto as a drama, then discussed the complications introduced--most of them unintentionally--by Shakespeare's later revisions. In the process, readers gain new insight into the play itself, observing the play's evolution as it took shape in Shakespeare's mind.

Dimensions 6.33 (w) x 9.34 (h) x 0.76 (d)
Subjects Textual Criticism
English Drama - 16th-17th Century - Elizabethan & Jacobean Eras - Shakespeare - Literary Criticism
British Literature - Bibliography
British Literature - Reference


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