Surveying natural populations

Full Title Surveying natural populations
ISBN 0231102410
ISBN13 9780231102414
Publisher New York : Columbia University Press, 1997.
Authors Lee-ann C Hayek

A user-friendly primer to the essential techniques of quantitative field ecology, or paleoecology, integrating the intuitive approach of the field researcher with the rational analytical tools of the statistician. Designed as a comprehensive introduction and handy methodological reference for students and professionals alike, this book is filled with lucid explanations, real-world examples, practice problem sets, more than one hundred illustrations and tables, and many applications to research issues of current concern.

Columbia University Press

Dimensions 1.18 (w) x 6.00 (h) x 9.00 (d)
Subjects Paleontology - General & Miscellaneous
Biology - General & Miscellaneous
Ecology - General & Miscellaneous
Archaeology - General & Miscellaneous


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