Nations Without Nationalism

Full Title Nations Without Nationalism
ISBN 0231081049
ISBN13 9780231081047
Publisher Columbia University Press
Authors Julia Kristeva
Lawrence D. Kritzman
Leon S. Roudiez
Edition 1st Edition
Overview Underlying Julia Kristeva's latest work is the idea that otherness - whether it be ethnic, religious, social, or political - needs to be understood and accepted in order to guarantee social harmony. Nations Without Nationalism is an impassioned plea for tolerance and for commonality, aimed at a world brimming over with racism and xenophobia. Responding to the rise of neo-Nazi groups in Germany and Eastern Europe and the continued popularity of the National Front in France, Kristeva turns to the origins of the nation-state to illustrate the problematic nature of nationalism and its complex configurations in subsequent centuries. For Kristeva, the key to commonality can be found in Montesquieu's esprit general - his notion of the social body as a guaranteed hierarchy of private rights. Nations Without Nationalism also contains Kristeva's thoughts on Harlem Desir, the founder of the antiracist organization SOS Racisme; the links between psychoanalysis and nationalism; the historical nature of French national identity; the relationship between esprit general and Volksgeist; Charles de Gaulle's complex ideas involving the nation and his dream of a unified Europe. In the tradition of Strangers to Ourselves, her most recent nonfiction work, Nations Without Nationalism reflects a passionate commitment to enlightenment and social justice. As ethnic strife persists in Europe and the United States, Kristeva's humanistic message carries with it a special resonance and urgency.
Dimensions 5.80 (w) x 8.56 (h) x 0.67 (d)
Subjects Racial Discrimination
1870 - 1940 - French History
France - Political Biography
20th Century French History - Fourth & Fifth Republics
1944 to Present
European Studies - France
20th Century French History - World War II & Vichy Gove


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