Atlas of World War I

Full Title Atlas of World War I
ISBN 0195210778
ISBN13 9780195210774
Publisher New York : Oxford University Press, 1994.
Authors the late Viscount Montgomery of Alamein
Edition 2

Every map, with its accompanying notes, is almost a chapter of history in itself....General readers as well as history students will value the atlas for its meticulously detailed information.- Times Educational Supplement

This outstanding historical atlas from Martin Gilbert offers a definitive visual history of World War I. In 164 finely detailed, easy-to-read maps, it covers the origins of the war, the quarrels of the great European powers and the mobilization of 1914, plus the major battles and all the individual campaigns-including the war at sea and in the air-putting them in the wider context of strategy. Beyond its thorough and precise military coverage, the atlas also explores the diplomatic, economic, and social aspects of the conflict, and many of the maps-such as a map of German food riots in 1916, a state-by-state map of opposition to the war in the United States in April, 1917, or a map analyzing India's manpower contribution to war-have put together normally scattered and diverse information with exceptional clarity. A final section of maps explores the political, economic, and human aftermath of the war.
This fully revised Second Edition of The Atlas of World War I features new maps, including maps that detail the creation of Yugoslavia, and the Leipzig War Crimes Trials, and a map analyzing the manpower contribution of American soldiers, state-by-state.

Dimensions 7.13 (w) x 10.00 (h) x 0.68 (d)
Subjects Historical Atlases & Maps
Individual Campaigns - World War I


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