A Daoist theory of Chinese thought

Full Title A Daoist theory of Chinese thought
ISBN 0195067290
ISBN13 9780195067293
Publisher New York : Oxford University Press, 1992.
Authors Hansen
Edition 1
Overview Presenting a refreshingly clear look at classical Chinese philosophy from a Daoist point of view, Hansen uses recently deciphered Chinese theories of language to shed light on Chinese ethical and political theories. A novel and acute picture of Chinese philosophical thought emerges when he draws these two strands together to give a unified picture of the rich Classical period of Chinese thought. Hansen draws on modern theories of meaning to guide this original interpretive theory. The rigorous methodology reveals a philosophically lucid Daoism grounded in distinctively Chinese theories of language and psychology. The philosophy of language perspective illuminates the Daoist love of paradox and conceptual play as it unmasks a philosophical artistry that orthodox accounts have obscured. This book reveals that the intuitionism responsible for the murky image of Chinese thought among reflective thinkers is a feature only of Confucianism. This methodically exacting revision of our view of all of ancient Chinese thought elevates Daoism above Confucianism in a demonstrably philosophical age. Offering an imaginative and precise interpretive theory of Daoism and of its philosophical concepts, this book will interest philosophers, anthropologists, linguists, cognitive scientists, ethicists, and political theorists as well as those interested in comparative literature, religion, and intellectual history.
Dimensions 6.38 (w) x 9.56 (h) x 1.61 (d)
Subjects Sino-Tibetan Languages
Chinese Philosophy


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