The Stone Canal

Full Title The Stone Canal
ISBN 0099558912
ISBN13 9780099558910
Publisher Legend
Authors Ken MacLeod
Overview Life on New Mars is tough for humans, but death is only a minor inconvenience. The machines know their place, the free market rules all, and only the Abolitionists object.

Then a stranger arrives on New Mars, a clone who remembers life on Earth as Jonathan Wilde, the anarchist with a nuclear capability who was accused of losing World War III. That stranger remembers David Reid, New Mars's leader...and the women they fought over and ideals they once shared.

Moving from twentieth-century Scotland through a tumultuous twenty-first century and outward to humanity's settlement on a planet circling another star, The Stone Canal is idea-driven science fiction at its best, making real and believable a future where long lives, strange deaths, and unexpected knowledge await those who survive the wars and revolutions to come.

Subjects Alternate Realities - Fiction
Social Science Fiction
Space Exploration - Fiction
High Tech and Hard Science Fiction


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