Full Title Caravaggio
ISBN 0064301281
ISBN13 9780064301282
Publisher Westview Press
Authors Howard Hibbard
Shirley G. Hibbard
Edition 1
Publish Date 1985-03-06
Binding Paperback
Overview Caravaggio is the most arresting European painter of the years around 1600. Although he died in 1610, in his thirty-ninth year, he is often considered the most important Italian painter of the entire seventeenth century. He is also notorious as a painter-assassin: he killed a man in 1606, and a similar crime was rumored in his youth. Caravaggio's painting speak to us more personally and more poignantly than any others of the time. We meet him over the gulf of centuries, not as a commanding and admirable historical figure like Annibale Carracci, but as an artist who somehow cut through the artistic conventions of his time right down to the universal blood and bone of life.

It is hard to imagine a better one.--Francis Haskell, New York Review of Books

Dimensions 7.21 (w) x 9.90 (h) x 0.95 (d)
Subjects Individual Artists
Italian Art
Baroque Art - Italy


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